Self portrait taken at my 17th century cottage using only natural light

This panel shows someone who really knows what they are doing, someone who is not afraid to take risks...
These photographs demonstrate great subtlety and control...
These are pictures that would grace any wall.
— RPS Licentiate Panel judges, October 2016

I've always loved making pictures, though for thirty years my professional career took me ever further from the place of creativity where my soul exists. So in 2011 after a series of life-changing events, I turned to the thing that has always brought me the greatest peace - my camera - and gradually built a new world. 

From my base in the Wiltshire countryside I experience the simple beauty of light, colour and texture that surrounds me every day, in all weathers, and this affinity for what happens naturally is reflected in my work.

In 2016 I gained my Licentiate distinction from the Royal Photographic Society, exhibited in Salisbury, and was accepted for a mentorship programme with (I am trying to think of a suitably descriptive word for my awe of her work, and failing miserably) Bella West. Since then I have been working on a personal portrait project, part of which formed my Associate distinction (ARPS qualification pending), alongside commissioned works.

I specialise in environmental portrait and documentary photography. I look for the image less seen, I like to push boundaries to create photographs that are authentic, honest, and which arouse emotion in the viewer. I want to make you think, and I want to want to know more about what you see.

Every commission I accept I treat as an individual and unique project with its own story to be unfolded. I work mostly on location with natural light, observing and composing with care, and taking the time that's needed for those moments of truth to be captured.

Each image is processed individually, and every portrait printed and framed with the highest quality fine art materials that will make a statement and evoke wonderful memories for ever.

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