All my prints are produced by Gordon Burns at Skylight Publishing in Calne - a highly experienced professional of over 15 years who works with many notable photographers and artists, including renowned Wiltshire-based artist Joanna May. Gordon's attention to detail in every step of the workflow is faultless, and provides impressive results time after time.


Incredible teacher and voice of experience, Bella is quite simply one of the best portrait and wedding photographers in the UK today - something extraordinary happens when she points her camera.

Mike Browne Photography courses, workshops and video tutorials

Mike Browne is a YouTube legend, inspiration, mentor and friend. Whether you're a keen enthusiast or experienced photographer, there will be something for you in his incredible mix of tutorials, courses, workshops and travel breaks. 


Groundbreaking new image-sharing platform with Mike Browne one of the brains behind it

Seamus A Ryan Photographs

Seamus was my first adult education tutor and he's the absolute best by a country mile. 

Flat Friends UK

Flat Friends is the only charity in the UK dedicated to the support of women who've had mastectomy surgery because of breast cancer, and decided against reconstruction.