September 2019

A woman far more wise than I once said (and I may be paraphrasing slightly, it was a long time ago!): “the only stories we can totally truthfully tell are our own”.

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January 2019

Rise. Four simple letters but when they are composed like so they become possessed of a potent force. You are impelled to rise, are you not?

But it’s not actually my rising I’m talking about, it’s these folk - read more about FOLKLAW on the blog and head here for my picks of the images…


September 2018

Let’s face it, I’m happiest when out with the camera, and it’s been a great summer of fabulous commissions and an exciting new project in the making.

But it hasn’t always been like this: two weeks ago I talked to Peter Hayes FRPS about the story behind my Associate panel because, as I blogged here, this is a story that isn’t done yet. More of THE SHE INSIDE: Portraits of My Self here…

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August 2017

Put away that smartphone. Yes really!

A business portrait is more than a snapshot and it takes skill. To create an image that humanises you, at ease in your environment, is a specialism and it takes a professional with experience to deliver. ...more on the blog


June 2017

Four years ago I wrote about how we define ourselves and what it means to be us. The inspiration was a friend and she is far more interesting than me.

Beautiful, complex, she is one of the strongest women I know. She thinks at the speed of light, even her eyes literally flitter with all the thoughts and ideas racing around inside her head... more on the blog

Feel the Force

April 2017

I’ve never lost my joy of the outdoors, so it surely comes as no surprise that, as a portrait photographer, I love to seek out beautiful country locations. This week has been no exception, starting with a lovely relaxed pre-wedding portrait shoot on a lazy walk around Lacock with Ruth and Raymond, see more on the blog...


February 2017

In a week where I was extraordinarily privileged to work with two remarkably talented professional photographers - on both sides of the camera - as usual there are moments when I question who I am.

And yet....

Here's a short form blog...

'Defiant'... a self portrait

'Defiant'... a self portrait


February 2017

Life has changed beyond all recognition in the last five years. But no matter who you are or what you've been through, coming to terms with trauma of any kind takes time, and we change in the most unexpected ways.

One of the themes I return to again and again is that of identity - how we adapt emotionally, the dissonance between how we see ourselves and the way others see us, the person we were and the one we have become.

As a photographer, it's a particularly intriguing concept to explore. The world is not short of remarkable photographic images that draw us to consider physical change and scarring of our bodies, but how often do we capture the emotional pain and healing that remains unseen?

These thoughts, based on a short form poem I wrote last year, were the basis of a small exhibition in Salisbury last September, and provide the foundation for a much larger body of work which I aim to complete this year.

August and front page Flat Friends at Mudeford beach in Dorset

August and front page Flat Friends at Mudeford beach in Dorset

Talking photographs and flat friends on BBC Wiltshire

December 2016

An exciting day for me - I visited BBC Wiltshire to do a live radio interview talking about our fabulous charity Flat Friends UK and the year long photographic project I've been involved with to produce our first Calendar. Catch it on iPlayer here (listen from 1hr 28mins in). The Wiltshire Times also covered the story...

Organising the printing of this remarkable project was an experience in itself, and my thanks to Mike at Serenarts in Bradford On Avon for coming to the rescue at such short notice, and working so hard to get things right. See a selection of imagaes in the Flat Friends Gallery

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